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About Us
The Pink Room International Nail Academy taught their first students in the year 2003. It was founded by Ms Rachel Tang, a renowned figure in the nail education industry with license accreditations and certification from Japan, Korea and USA.

For nearly a decade now, The Pink Room International Nail Academy has built a reputation as the leader in the nail education arena. We have evolved into a brand synonymous with quality education and students who possess high technical skills that propelled them to the top percentage of successful nailist you find in the nail industry today.

The Pink Room International Nail Academy is also authorized by various countries’ International Nail Systems and Nail Associations as their affiliated training centres, to conduct trainings, assessments and certifications in Singapore. We also trains and prepares international students for their international licenses examinations in Korea & Japan.

Our school is located in Singapore’s Central Business District and features modern, sleek interior design and equipment, comfortable classrooms with audio-visual equipment; and a group of hand-picked committed educators with outstanding training and experience for teaching. 

The Pink Room International Nail Academy not only offers training through their local education team, but is fully supported by their network of international masters & educators. The school invites experts from this international group of overseas educators to conduct regular seminars & workshops to ensure all students receive the latest trends and techniques.

Welcome to the start of a fulfilling learning journey with us.

The registration of The Pink Room International Nail Academy has been granted under Section 36(1) of the Private Education Act with the Council for Private Education since 19 August 2011.
Registered Company Name: The Pink Room International Nail Academy Pte Ltd
Registration Number: 200408678G
Registration Period with CPE: 15.11.2012 to 14.11.2016
Address: 10 Anson Road, #06-18, International Plaza, Singapore 079903.
Manager of the School : Rachel Tang
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Vision and Mission
  • Our Vision
    To commit ourselves to become the leading training provider in the Nails and Beauty Industries both locally and regionally.

  • Our Mission

    To deliver high quality education and training in the latest technology of nail care, nail extensions and nail art techniques and trends. We are committed to improve and upgrade each student to reach international nail industry standards. To inspire and motivate our students through innovative teaching methods and creativity; and to arm them with the skills and attitudes that will enable them to be sought after in this industry.

  • Our Values
    • Professionalism
    • Recognition
    • Integrity
    • Nurturing
    • Artistic

  • Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    We believe that in our present society, each individual is important and inter-dependent; responsible actions from an organization contributes to a better and balanced society environment at large.

    We aim to enrich, empower and make a difference to the lives of each and every individual that comes through our school’s doors. We believe that each individual should be equipped with at least one practical technical skill, which they can rely on to make a living from, if they choose to do so. We believe that it is only through receiving an education, that vulnerability of abuse to an individual is greatly reduced.

    Our school is committed to use our resources and skills to create a positive impact to our environment, consumers, employees and community  through responsible committed educational activities in all walks of life, one individual at a time.

  • Our Culture
    • To treat every person that comes into our lives with sincerity of the heart and not with the intention for a profit of any kind.
    • To build an environment in which beauty can flourish and be appreciated; beauty in the nail designs and art that we create, as well as beauty in the character of the people that we meet and deal with.
    • To always be honest and open in the words we say, intentions in our thoughts, and delivery of our actions.
    • To never return unkindness with unkindness; and to always stop the lips from spilling forth words that harms, hurt or slander.
    • To always build up a person, be it a customer, a colleague or a stranger, through our every action and words.
    • To understand, respect and accept each member strength and weakness in the organization, so as to be able to strive together in the achievement of our common goals and vision.
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Training Methodology
Total Learning Experience
As the pioneer nail school in the industry, we are fully committed to be the best training provider in the nail industry both locally and regionally. Our mission is to improve and upgrade each student to reach international nail industry standards. We had designed our programs with the aim to inspire and motivate through our innovative teaching methods. It had proven effective as our graduates are all well sought after in this industry.

The emphasis at the Pink Room International Nail Academy is on a "Total Learning Experience". Thus, we believe in deploying only full-time qualified staff for teaching purposes. To-date, we have at least 3 instructors/trainers and a team of administrative staff who ensures the entire learning process is enjoyable. Besides learning in a classroom setting for theoretical teachings, the school also provides an environment for practical hands-on training; so that upon graduation, graduates will be able to start work immediately in any salon at home and abroad.

The Pink Room International Nail Academy’s success is greatly attributed to our uniquely designed structured training programs.

Each of our training programs adhered closely to international license examinations from Japan, Korea and USA. We are stringent in each and every assessment stage, with appropriate guidance and correction at each point, to ensure student feels guided every step of their learning process while attaining international-level skills. Relevance to present nail market needs is also important in the students’ learning experience; incorporating seasonal fashion trends and updated techniques and skills into regular seminars and workshops ensure students do not become back-dated in their knowledge.

Our students are consistently well-prepared for positions in the industry; thus they are highly sought after and regularly get employment offers from salons even before they are graduated. Our graduates often quickly climb to leadership positions in the nail industry and have many successful records starting and running their own nail business too.

The total training experience is extended even after students graduate; they are encouraged to participate in international nail competitions, seminars and nail shows to ensure continual learning throughout their career as a nailist.

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Our Service Commitments
We advocate and strongly believe in the constant maintenance of quality in our role as the leading nail education institute. We emphasise not only on academic excellence and enhanced business management, we also put much focus on building professionalism and trustworthiness, to ensure high quality student welfare practices.

We strive to achieve the highest standards in education and training delivery using qualified educators and trainers, well-designed materials, suitable tools and a conducive learning environment.

  • Commitment to Provide Quality Training & Education
    • Academic Board
      The Pink Room International Nail Academy's ACADEMIC BOARD MEMBERS comprises of top notch industry experts with profound technical experience and academically inclined strategy developers. As the Board advising on all academic issues, its role is to guide The Pink Room International Nail Academy's Management in the development and implementation of strategies for the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of the school's teaching and learning.
    • Ensuring that our courses and programmes are of a high standard
      Courses and programmes are designed and developed by the school's Academic Department. All curriculum design and development will seek consulting with the Academic Board.

      The approval of course curriculum will be made by the Academic Board. Subsequently, course curriculum will be reviewed on a periodical basis for continual improvements by the Academic Department. Outcomes and recommendations of the review will be approved by the Academic Board before implementation.

      Curriculum planning will also be performed by the school's Academic Department following a curriculum planning process set. Plans will be approved by the Academic Board. The school will critically evaluate its teaching and learning processes to bring about innovation in its curriculum planning. To ensure optimum curriculum delivery, the teaching methodologies and choice of educator will be scrutinized and approved by the Academic Board.

      The school will use data collected such as student feedback, teacher's post-course survey and students' results to review and improve on existing course delivery models.

    • Teaching Philosophy
      Teaching staff with substantial industry and corporate exposure are hired for the teaching of relevant topics. This aims to inject the practical element into theories.

      To encourage a more enriching and vivid learning environment, the following has been adopted:
      • Teaching staff are expected to diligently ensure that teaching and course materials are relevant and updated.
      • Teaching staff are expected to be versatile with their module delivery and adjust their teaching method to maintain high level of interest from students during class.
      • Teaching staff are entrusted with the responsibilities to maximize students learning by incorporating a variety of class activities such as skills practices, class discussion, role act and encouraging students to participate actively.
    • Top Notched Teaching Staff
      • Courses are conducted only by professionals with practical experience and credible academic qualifications
      • Only includes full-time educators/trainers with international certification and minimum 3-5 years of professional working experience in the nail industry; the principal is also professionally certified in Nail Technology from Japan, Korea and USA.
      • An educators/trainers to trainee ratio of 1:20 for all Professional Certificate Nail Courses and Professional Diploma Nail Courses.
      • An educators/trainers to trainee ratio of 1:10 for all Nail Workshops (no certificate).
      • Provides topmost quality for our students through constant improvements via competence assessments and feedback comment forms from students attending our courses
      • Are accredited by international educational associations for their technical and theoretical knowledge
      • Regularly upgrade their technical and teaching skills through overseas industrial exchange activities.
      • All educators/trainers are bilingual. We conduct all theory classes in English and Chinese. All Students are given well-designed handouts to assist them in both the Practical & Theory lessons and examinations.
      • Teaching staff will be evaluated on their performance at the end of each module. Only educators/trainers with good ratings would be considered for continual appointments.
    • In order to ensure that our students receive good attention, the class size for the respective courses/programmes is kept to the following:
      Certificate courses 1:20
      Diploma programmes 1:20
      No. of full-time lecturers 3
      No. of Part-time lecturers 0

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  • Commitment to Provide Quality Services
    • Appointing professional and well-trained staff to service our students
      Our Student Affairs staff are properly trained and equipped with the right operational knowledge and customer service skills. Our service philosophy is to:
      • be courteous and professional at all times;
      • handle student enquiries promptly and accurately;
      • take reasonable steps to meet special needs;
      • keep our feedback channels easy and opened;
      • value customer feedback to improve our services.
      • to provide advices for our students even after they had graduated.
    • Possess a proper refund and redress policy
      Successful course/programme applicant would be issued a Letter of Acceptance once he/she is being accepted and a Standard Student Contract between the student and The Pink Room International Nail Academy when the student accepted the offer. Proper refund and redress policy are addressed in the Standard Student Contract.
    • After graduate activities and mentorship
      Graduates are encouraged to return to the school regularly to participate in various free upgrading seminars or activities like Nail Competitions, Nail Shows or Overseas Exchange Programs. Graduates who requires any advice in their work or business are also welcome to contact the school's principal or student affairs at any time.

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Our School has a total floor area of approximately 220 square meters, the classroom area is 60 square meters and is strategically located in the heart of the city at International Plaza on the sixth level.

The school has complete facilities to cater to all students. We have a fully equipped teaching classroom with a demo-area and projection aids is used for theory instructions and practical teachings. It has a seating capacity of 40 students.

The school stores a huge inventory of professional nail products at its premises to facilitate student's learning and business set-up.

New equipments are brought in to ensure that students are exposed to the latest technologies. The most recent equipment purchased by the school was the LED Gel Lamp Machine.

The Pink Room International Nail Academy uses the best products for training. We have selected reputable product brands from USA, Japan and Korea as sources of supply for tools and products for our teaching materials as well as to fullfil our students' need for consumables.

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Student Records
To ensure accurate and up-to-date archiving of student's records, a proper operational and administration system has been established. This system ensured proper recording of student information such as personal details, student pass status and academic progression.

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Course Design and Development
All nail curriculums and course syllabus was spearheaded and designed by the school's Principal, Ms Rachel Tang since 2003. Our Courses are developed in accordance to requirements of international Nail License Examinations from Japan, Korea and USA. The Academic Board was form in the later years to ensure a more structured and organized system in advising the school's management on academic issues. Continual improvement on course curriculum is achieved by periodical review subject to the approval by the Academic Board.

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Planning and Delivery
The Pink Room International Nail Academy's Academic Department carefully constructs the curriculum following a planning process set for the approval by the Academic Board.

Critical evaluation of its teaching and learning process is executed by the school for the continual improvement in student learning and educational experience.

To ensure optimum curriculum delivery, the Academic Board approves the teaching methodologies and selection of educators using a thorough and scrutinized process.

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